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Getting Started (Updated 17 September 2015)

To become a student, you must have received an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER and ACCEPTED it. Students sometimes forget to clear off conditions or to accept unconditional offers. This will cause delay, so check that your offer is unconditional and that you have formally accepted it.

Every year they slightly tweak the registration process (so please do also refer to the Uni Welcome site) but I think what will happen once you have accepted the unconditional offer is that you should receive one, two or even three emails (probably from which together will contain three pairs of passwords: your student ID (e.g. @12345678) plus the associated 6 digit PIN (e.g. 123456); your network username (e.g. abc321) and password (e.g. CaseSensitive); and your microsoft365 username and password (for student email). I now understand that the best people to get in touch with if you need these passwords and haven't got them is ITS - best is to ring them on +44 (0) 161 295 2444. You will probably need your student ID (@... on your offer letter).

then... note... the Three Steps to Becoming a Student:

1. Pay: Click for Finance (As soon as you like. You only need your ID - e.g. @12345678 - and your date of birth).

2. Register: Click for Registration

3. Access email and e-resources: Click for Email and Resources
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