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Student Email and Resources (Updated 4 August 2015)

It is vital that you sort out access to your Student Email account. That is the "official" means of communication with you. It is possible to re-direct it to a preferred account, but either way, you MUST gain access as soon as you can. There are instructions on this, and about most aspects of IT resource access from the link below:

Click for Email and IT Information

After doing that, start to explore the other resources available. Click on the Student Channel link on the left (and add it to your favourites). That will open a webpage with a number of resources to explore: Blackboard, check out the "Web resources", explore the Library site and SOLAR. You will use your network log on (e.g. abc123) and password (e.g. CaseSensitive) to access these.

Distance Learners do not automatically receive library cards, however, these can be useful for accessing local libraries. To obtain a library card, please email your request with a passport sized photo of yourself to
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