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Finance (Updated 30 September 2015)

For most people, this is very straightforward. You simply go to the online payment centre, type in your student ID and your date of birth and then follow the instructions on screen:

Here is the link to the: E payments centre

If you are sponsored, you will need a letter from your sponsor on proper headed paper confirming how much you are being sponsored for, and including contact details for the person at your sponsor organisation to whom invoices should be addressed. This info can be emailed to

If you encounter a problem, then make direct contact with Finance. You can either telephone them on +44(0)161 295 4671/+44 (0)161 295 4704 in order to set your payment up over the phone, or email them: Also see the link on the left to the Finance Department.

Once you have resolved Finance, you then need to register.
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