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Fee Assessment for EU Residents Working Temporarily Outside EU

The University decides on the fee rate depending on where you are living more or less permanently, and not on nationality.

This information is derived from the information you provide in your application form.

If you are an EU resident normally but are working outside the EU temporarily, you may ask, as part of your application process, to be "fee assessed". At programme level we do not deal with this process at all (and if you have queries please follow up with Finance), however, we have been informed that applicants are asked to provide the following evidence:

1. The temporary nature of your work outside the EU (e.g. temporary work visa, short term contract).

2. That your main residence was in the EU during the three years prior to your commencement of study. To demonstrate this, you will be asked to provide one item of evidence - e.g. mortgage statement, rental agreement etc - for each of the three years prior to your commencement on the course.

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